Experience docuPAD® eContracting – Andrews Cadillac Testimonial

Steven Pflug – Business Manager ®

When I got here, you would have a stack of paperwork. A lot of applications we did we done by hand. After that, you would take all the forms and documents to include three-part contracts, which are all signed in multiple places, and take all of this to the bank.


Carol Edwards – Controller

By the time we got a deal into accounting, sent it off, and got our money, contracts and transit would probably run about five to seven days. And who wants all the files? You have the file, then you have to put it in a box, then you have to put it in storage. We don’t need any of that.

eContracting is the most amazing thing we’ve ever had. We don’t have deal jackets anymore. We can simply look in the computer for anything we need because everything is scanned in.

By the time the deal gets to accounting, a few hours later the money is already in the bank. At the end of the session with the customer, you’ve got a complete package that’s ready to go to the bank. That’s amazing.


Nelson Andrews – Dealer Principal

eContracting lets us get paid quickly. Instead of being paid in a week, we can get a contract cashed in four hours or less. That helps the cash flow a lot.