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Profitable dealership marketing comes from a solid foundation of first-party data, but how can you determine if your data is accurate? How do you know that you’re sending customers a message that will resonate with them? It’s frustrating to have powerful data sitting around when you struggle to put it to use. Start using your data to improve customer interactions, boost retention, and bolster new opportunity.

What if you could...

  • Eliminate wasted time, effort, and money spent on mis-targeted messages and other ineffective marketing practices?
  • Work with marketing experts to ensure your database is properly managed and your goals are met through best practices?
  • Retain your current business while generating new opportunities with custom-made ads, graphics, and dealer branded landing pages?
  • Send your customers automated messages based on audience, keyword, location, time and day, network, device, ad position, previous website visits, and more?
  • Work toward your department goals with dealer-accessible reporting dashboards, detailed breakdowns of ad spend, and quarterly market analyses?

Here’s How

Managed Customer Database Platform

Is your customer database platform (CDP) just one more database you have to manage? Are you putting more work into getting the right information than you are actually using that data for improving your customers’ experiences? Reynolds’ Managed CDP enhances your dealership’s DMS records with Reynolds’ proprietary data for a complete picture of your audience. With actionable data and an expert to manage your strategy, you can successfully reach targeted segments of your customers with personalized, relevant messages.

  • Fill information gaps in email and home addresses, vehicle ownership, consumer demographics, market area data, and more.
  • See greater ROI by leveraging accurate consumer data across your marketing strategy.
  • Segment your customer base into distinct profiles so messages are precisely targeted to individuals based on their behaviors and needs.
  • Work with experts that have automotive industry experience to ensure your goals are met through best practices and regulation compliance.
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Targeted Marketing

When was the last time you sent an email to customers and the response was so great you said, “That was exactly the outcome I was hoping for.” Email is one of your only direct communication channels with customers and prospects and when used effectively, it gets results. Targeted marketing tailors your messages to your unique customers to drive action while maintaining compliance.

  • Effectively reach your customers using enhanced DMS data, as well as the latest industry trends and insights.
  • Leverage the expertise of marketing analysts to help your dealership stand out from the competition.
  • Drive consumer engagement while complying with OEM guidelines and federal advertising regulations.
  • Automatically retarget customers with personalized emails based on past interactions with your brand.

Targeted Dealership Marketing: The Cleanest Data for the Best Results

In a competitive dealership landscape, how do you stand out as THE ONE?

Dealerships can struggle to find the right customers and prospects to target with promotions.

Often, they blast general messages out to their entire database, then get frustrated when they don’t see a return.

Consider this:

Over 40 percent of your customers’ emails are wrong or missing entirely from your system.

And 30 percent of your customers no longer own the vehicle your records say they do.

Incorrect information in your DMS means consumers will never even see your message, let alone act on it. But when you partner with Reynolds and Reynolds to clean up your data, your dealership isn’t wasting time and money—or risking CSI points—with mis-targeted marketing.

Our managed customer database platform uses your DMS data, combined with market demographics, updated customer information, vehicle registrations, and a ton of other data we’ve collected about consumer behaviors.

Then we use your customers’ service and sales history, as well as behavioral trends, and group them together into similar buying profiles.

We don’t stop after we clean up your data, like third-party data providers do.

We work with you to create a multi-channel strategy and custom campaigns based on data, putting an end to the generic, blanket approach.

So what does it look like in action?

Sarah has missed her last six service intervals, meaning she’s likely switched over to a chain or independent shop. Let’s send her an email for a discounted oil change and follow up on social media to get her back into your dealership.

Dave bought a crossover from you six years ago, and again three years later. But based on his age, income, and recent purchase behaviors, he’ll likely upgrade to a full size SUV. Send him a personalized letter and email with SUV promotions to keep his business for years to come.

Cleaning out inaccurate data helps our dealerships improve their messaging, targeting, and deliverability.

Imagine how accurate, actionable data could improve your dealership traffic.

The name of the game is RELEVANCY. Without it, customers ignore you and your messages. With it, your dealership is a powerhouse of data-inspired content that motivates your customers to engage and take action.

Digital Advertising for Sales

It's easy to let your digital advertising run on autopilot, but when you create demand, are you capitalizing on it? Do you know if your efforts are producing results? Digital Advertising for Sales helps you gain qualified leads, drive conversions, and obtain new customers without overspending by delivering cohesive ads throughout your customers’ buying journeys.

  • Serve compelling search, display, social, and video ads to people who are actively seeking products or services you offer.
  • Leverage a full team of professional graphic designers to create custom and engaging content.
  • Fine-tune your ad performance based on audience, keyword, location, time and day, network, device, ad position, and more.
  • Work toward your goals with reporting dashboards, detailed breakdowns of ad spend, and quarterly market analyses.
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It can be tough to figure out what sales leads are worth pursuing or uncovering prospects you aren’t aware of. And it’s never a good day when you spend all your time with a single client that doesn’t end up buying. That’s where XtreamService comes in. It analyzes the profiles of your entire customer database, considering transactional, demographic, and behavioral data, to identify customers likely to buy, regardless of their equity position. 

  • Identifies high quality leads that normally would be overlooked and delivers them right to your task list or inbox to start working.
  • By analyzing each customer’s unique position, XtreamService leads customers into the sales funnel sooner.
  • Acquire quality used inventory with higher targeted email and direct mail campaigns.
  • Receive real-time notifications for service walk-ins that have a high propensity to buy.

XtreamService Mystery Promo

Your database is filled with tens of thousands of customers – each made up of unique data points. Knowing who to target, with what vehicle, and when can seem like a cryptic game – piecing together the evidence, narrowing down the possibilities, and finding the perfect match. If you don’t make the perfect prediction, and at the right time, you lose.

So you wonder, just how exactly can this mystery be solved quickly, yet intelligently? The answer is simple: change the game.

Get an edge over your opponents with XtreamService – a faster, smarter, more diligent way to solve the case for who, what, and when. XtreamService leverages three types of dealership data.

One: Demographic. Characteristics about customers inside your CRM.

Two: Transactional. Sales and service history for every customer inside your DMS.

And three: Behavioral. Individual customer actions taken in and outside of your dealership.

Using each type of data to fuel a predictive analytics engine, XtreamService tells you how to win the game. The more data points fueling this engine, the closer you are to answering the critical question, ‘who gets the car?’

The results are in –

Who will buy from you… What they’ll buy… And when they’ll buy it.

Your dealership is built on data – it’s what you do with it that counts. Unlock the data. Reveal the truth. With XtreamService.

What can you experience:

Our customer database is the most valuable asset of our store. Combining our data and theirs, Reynolds knows what we should do to make sure our customers get the most out of their cars.

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Reynolds always has the data to show us what we should do and why.

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