XtreamService Mystery Promo

Your database is filled with tens of thousands of customers – each made up of unique data points. Knowing who to target, with what vehicle, and when can seem like a cryptic game – piecing together the evidence, narrowing down the possibilities, and finding the perfect match. If you don’t make the perfect prediction, and at the right time, you lose.

So you wonder, just how exactly can this mystery be solved quickly, yet intelligently? The answer is simple: change the game.

Get an edge over your opponents with XtreamService – a faster, smarter, more diligent way to solve the case for who, what, and when. XtreamService leverages three types of dealership data.

One: Demographic. Characteristics about customers inside your CRM.

Two: Transactional. Sales and service history for every customer inside your DMS.

And three: Behavioral. Individual customer actions taken in and outside of your dealership.

Using each type of data to fuel a predictive analytics engine, XtreamService tells you how to win the game. The more data points fueling this engine, the closer you are to answering the critical question, ‘who gets the car?’

The results are in –

Who will buy from you… What they’ll buy… And when they’ll buy it.

Your dealership is built on data – it’s what you do with it that counts. Unlock the data. Reveal the truth. With XtreamService.