Reynolds Integrated Telephone System

Enhance the customer experience by offering a more personal touch with your telephone system.

How many phone calls come through your dealership a day? Does the experience leave the caller excited to do business with you, or frustrated and confused?

Reynolds Integrated Telephone System is a dealership-wide system to help better manage the customer experience over the phone. As soon as a call comes in, youll be able to greet customers by name and have a detailed snapshot of their history with your dealership. Salespeople will be able to handle calls more efficiently while also building stronger relationships with customers. 

Benefits of Reynolds Integrated Telephone System

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  • Engaging
    Authentically engage customers and tailor their calling experiences with complete data at your fingertips as soon as the call comes through.
  • Mobility
    Keep track of all conversations by extending access to any mobile device.
  • Efficient
    Improve efficiency and save time with a self-service line for inbound customer inquiries about service and parts order status.
  • Automation
    Streamline call processes with outbound automated voice notifications for completed service repairs, service appointment reminders, and parts order arrivals.
  • Effective Coaching
    Management can review call recordings to coach employees on better phone skills.

On-The-Go Access with MyRITS Mobile App

Access all the same features from anywhere through the MyRITS mobile app.

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What can you experience:

“The Reynolds telephone system absolutely has improved communication throughout the dealership. Ive used every bit of that screen on a very regular basis and Im not sure I could live without it now.”

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