Andrews Cadillac Reynolds Integrated Telephone System Testimonial Video - Customer Experience

Carol Edwards, Controller at Andrews Cadillac, recalls her old phone process.

“I can remember back before we had [Reynolds Integrated Telephone System], the phones were blowing up. And we were saying, ‘Hello, how may I help you?’, ‘John?’, ‘What car is it?’, ‘What street do you live on?’, ‘What street number is it?’

“[Reynolds Integrated Telephone System] gives us all of the information. We know what car they’re driving. We know if their car is in service. We know what salesperson they’ve been working with. Our interaction with our customers is much better because we can actually know who’s calling and we act like they’re part of our family.

Nelson Andrews, Dealer Principal at Andrews Cadillac, thanks Reynolds Integrated Telephone System for helping him address automotive retail.

“We didn’t have any way of finding out who the active salesperson was or if a customer is returning a phone call, it was a process to figure out how to direct that call. So being able to quickly recognize them, being able to customize the experience to their preferences is really important to what we do.

“So as we’re taking a look at the way retail’s evolving, the way people want to be recognized as a customer, the Reynolds [telephone] system seemed to be the best path to go from where we were to the direction where retail’s going.

“One of our business values is being able to offer a good retail experience. [Reynolds Integrated Telephone System] was the glue that stitched it all together."

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