Make your payment process simple, accurate, and secure with a retail-friendly payment experience, whether your customer is in-store or online.

Payment processing does the crucial behind-the-scenes work associated with a purchase – securely routing encrypted payment data from your DMS to the bank and back. Picking the right payment processing solution for your dealership comes down to how it communicates with your DMS and how it impacts your entire business.

ReyPAY is the only payment processing tool that seamlessly connects with your Reynolds system and delivers convenient and secure payment experiences to you and your customers. It operates across all channels, including email and near-field communication, so customers can pay however is convenient for them. It also improves efficiencies for you with the ability to accept digital payments without leaving the customer and by simplifying and speeding up the reconciliation process.  

Eliminate Transposition Errors

Benefits of ReyPAY

customer paying with credit card at payment terminal
  • Convenience
    Improve customer satisfaction with convenient payment options including online, tap-to-pay, EMV/chip, and NFC payments (such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet).
  • Efficiency
    Relieve the cashier bottleneck in your service department by speeding up the checkout experience with pre-paid invoices or fast processing that doesn’t require rekeying.
  • Time Savings
    Save time reconciling transactions across departments and stores.
  • Secure
    Protect yourself from fraud attempts with EMV-compliant payment terminals and point-to-point encryption.

Simple Reconciliation

Transaction data from each payment terminal feeds into a single online report. This means you only have to make sure the dollar amount on your report matches the DMS.

bank reconciliation payment activity

What can you experience:

“ReyPAY is the best thing we’ve ever purchased from Reynolds. It’s absolutely fantastic and completely worth the investment.”

“We’re excited that we’re targeting and bringing in a younger audience to service now that we have ReyPAY, because this generation of car buyers is growing.”

“Our office manager used to have to reconcile multiple errors a day before ReyPAY. Now, we don’t have discrepancies and we stopped eating that cost.”

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