ReyPAY Bryan Honda Testimonial

Eason Bryan is the dealer at Bryan Honda.

“Prior to ReyPAY® we had a single point cashier and our parts counter would take payments.  So, at the cashier we had a cash drawer and a credit card machine on a telephone line. It was a real constriction point. 

“From data entry, having to enter it in multiple places and transposition errors, not doing the right RO number, it was almost death by one thousand cuts.

“Now when you’re closing out a service repair order, you can’t fat-finger an RO number, nor can you fat-finger an amount.

“They can view the invoice and they can pay it before they get here. The convenience really equates to people’s personal time, which is the only finite resource we have. No one wants to waste it.”

Randall Wood is the service director at Bryan Honda.

“We had fought with cashier line ups, cashier trying to get a coupon added, customers leaving not knowing if everything was completed. It was a debacle.

“When we went to ReyPAY, it was the best thing we ever did.

“Where before we’d just swipe it and roll, now with ReyPAY it asks you like a regular credit card, are you sure you want to pay this amount? It’s definitely better for our customers.

“On weekends or night pick-ups where people say I want to pick up my car at five thirty, six o’clock on Saturday where we’re closed and we say no problem.  Go online and pay it. Come pick it up.  We’ll have your car ready.”