RFID for Service

Greet every service customer by name.

You’re busy. Everyone in your shop is busy. And each time a customer arrives, it feels like it takes forever to gather basic information with a game of 20 questions.

RFID for Service streamlines your greeting and write up process. The customer’s vehicle is automatically scanned as it enters the service drive, triggering a personalized greeting for them and notifying you of their arrival, including the customer’s name and vehicle.

Benefits of RFID for Service

Greet customers right as they enter your service drive.
  • Personalized
    Provide a personalized greeting for each customer immediately as they pull into the service drive.
  • Immediacy
    Reduce customer wait time with automatic notifications to advisors so they can be ready to greet the customer.
  • Informed
    Start the check-in process with an informed conversation about who the customer is and why they are there.
  • Efficient
    Quickly identify loaner car returns, simplifying the return process.
  • Modern
    Enhance your dealership image by modernizing the service experience.

Service Drive Customer Greeting Board

This personalized and customizable screen is a great first impression to give to customers. Its a win-win for the customer and your dealership. Customers feel important because it highlights their arrival and you can benefit by promoting your dealerships brand and specials. 

Customer welcome screen

Service Drive Arrival Board

The arrival board notifies service employees of customer arrival time, which advisor should greet them, and what lane to find them in, cutting down on customer wait time.

Service drive arrival board

What can you experience:

“Its kind of like your iPhone. Once you have it, you never want to be without one.”

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