The VIP Experience

A tan Cadillac pulls up to a service drive, sounding the bell. The door rises to let the car in.

Inside, all of the advisors and technicians turn to see who’s coming in, looking up toward a screen hanging above the drive. The board says “Welcome, Agnus Reid” and provides information on a service special.

Inside the car sits Agnus, wearing a collared shirt, who sees the screen with her customized welcome message. She looks confused.

Inside the dealership, a salesman’s phone vibrates. He just received a text, letting him know that Agnus is in the service drive. He heads out to the service department as Agnus is pulling in. She’s looking around excitedly. Reflected in her window are lights and marquees.

All of the dealership’s employees have crowded into the service drive, applauding and cheering. Some of them are holding signs that say “I love Agnus” and “You’re a VIP.”

A paparazzi is forming in the service bay, trying to get closer to Agnus’s car. Camera flashes are going off everywhere. Agnus can’t believe how many people are here to see her. She starts waving to the crowd. She stops the car, and the salesman opens her door for her.

She steps out onto a red carpet, wearing a flowing ball gown with silver heels. The paparazzi is straining against red velvet ropes, trying to get the best picture of Agnus. Wearing sun glasses a tiara, and a huge smile, Agnus continues to wave to the crowd. They are cheering her name.

As she continues to walk down the carpet, she hears someone shouting, “Ms. Reid! Ms. Reid!” A young man stands in front of her, surrounded by paparazzi, with a black and white headshot of her. He holds out a marker to her and asks, “Ms. Reid, can I have your autograph?”

“Sure, honey!” Agnus responds. The crowds are gone. There are no camera flashes or red carpet. Agnus is wearing the same collared shirt and glasses she drove in with. The cheers have been replaced with the sounds of drills in the service bays. “And who do I make it out to?”

“Oh, you don’t have to make it out to anyone,” the young man responds. It’s her service advisor, holding out a tablet. “Just signing it would be fine.”

Agnus looks around at the service drive, seeing all the advisors and technicians hard at work. She begins to laugh, realizing she was imagining the crowds and fanfare.

“And you can just call me Henry,” the advisor says. Agnus continues to laugh and apologizes.

Make them feel like a VIP with RFID for Service.