RMS - Bryan Honda - Testimonial

Tim Roussell, general manager of Bryan Honda, wanted one turnkey operation that could give his customers the best dealership experience. 

“Back in 2013, most of the computer equipment here was fairly antiquated. We really needed a face lift from the ground up. 

“With the entire system, a lot of the things that we did became automated. It is only possible if you own all of the systems that tie into each other. It has to be that way or it just doesn't work. The business itself hasn't changed. The way the consumer wants to do business with you has changed. The consumer wants to be in and out quickly. Fast, efficient, they don't expect mistakes. They want it to be fun, they want it to be exciting. 

“Sales is trending upwards, gross profit is trending upward. The communication between departments, between the consumer, and the dealership is invaluable. 

“The results of the Retail Management System more than pay for the cost of the system. It's really not a matter of what it costs to have the system, it's what it's costing you not to have the system. It's a much greater number.” 

Eason Bryan, dealer of Bryan Honda, evaluated his technology needs and decided to go all in with Reynolds Retail Management System. 

“We had a lot of different things and none of those things ever really spoke to each other all that well. And it caused a lot of constriction points and headaches and frustrations. It finally got to a point that we spoke to Reynolds and said we want everything you have. We're tired of having all these problems.

“The more of these solutions you get, the better your overall life is going to be. 

“I mean, if you plan to be in business a long time, you've got to get your foundation right and we've done that through this project.”