Reynolds Integrated Telephone System Promo

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Matt Scranton is eliminating $100,000 per year in personnel expenses.

You are probably wondering how.

Patrick Colley has cut his service no-show rate in half… from 15% to 7%.

Okay, so you probably think it’s a service tool, right?

Sandy Austell is saving 10 deals a month.

Now, you are probably curious. How can it be for service AND sales?

Okay, okay. We’ll let you in on the secret.

(phones ringing)

It’s a telephone system. But it goes way beyond being “just a telephone”.

You get data security, mobility, automatic appointment reminders, improved CSI, and employee performance monitoring.

But it’s also about screen alerts, mobile set-up, actionable data, call reporting and so much more. It’s about seeing the VALUE of every customer.

Can YOUR phone do ALL of that?

See how Reynolds Integrated Telephone System is stepping up the telephone game.