Our Application Process - What to Expect

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So, youve applied to Reynolds and have been selected for the next step in the process: pre-employment assessments. Assessments? You mean tests? Like the ones with two-way mirrors and lab coats? Relax. Not quite.

We have a thorough assessment process, and its for good reason. To be the best, you have to hire the best.

Everyone who works at Reynolds has been through the process — whether theyre an intern, or a vice president. At this point, youre probably wondering, what types of questions are we going to ask? There are two main components, both of which are multiple choice, and each helps us find the position that best matches your strengths and skills.

First, its a personality assessment to get an idea of well, you know, your personality.

Second is an aptitude test, which includes pattern recognition questions and math word problems. You know, the whole Train A is going East, Train Bs going West. Wait, how is it that they never collide into each other?

Anyway, no calculators, cell phones, abacuses, invisible ink, or twin brothers or sisters who did better in school than you. We want to know how you think. Not a machine or someone else.

As far as how long these assessments will take, plan on at least two hours. Unlike traditional tests, these arent designed for you to answer every question, but the more the better.

Also, its recommended you solve the practice questions before you complete the real deal. Did I say recommended? I meant to say highly recommended.

Moral of the story? We want you to be happy with your career at Reynolds and stay with us for the long term. These assessments are just one tool we use to help us put the right people in the right jobs.