Day in the Life at XTreamService

Hayley works as team lead on the XtreamService team.

“I actually had interned with Reynolds and Reynolds and I just fell in love with the atmosphere here and thought this is somewhere I could definitely see myself full time after I graduated.

“We have that one-on-one phone call with them every single week to see what’s really going on at their dealership and how we can help them.

“Someone that would be a good fit for the Xtream team would be someone that likes to talk to customers, but also likes to have fun with our group.”

Kevin works as a supervisor for the XtreamService team.

“Well, XtreamService is basically a lead-generating service. We provide sales opportunities for our dealership partners.

“The training process with xTreamService is typically a six to eight week on boarding process.

“I feel like we’re making a huge difference for our customers when it comes to mining their data and making the best use of their software solutions.”

“We’re split into teams and we have competition. We try to keep it competitive and fun.”

“I would tell anyone that considered an opportunity with XtreamService that is they’re looking for a position with virtually unlimited growth opportunity, that this would be a great place to start a career.”

Jay is a manager for the XtreamService team.

“We drive customers to the dealership with the intent to purchase, so all they need to do is sit back and sell a car.

“Two main opportunities is a marketing specialist, that’s the role where you are working directly with the dealership, generating and delivering the daily service leads to the customer. The retail sales specialist makes the phone calls to the consumers, driving sales appointments to the dealership.

“Xtream is a unique department, in a sense, with our culture.”