Day in the Life of a Summer Intern Experience

Alan participated in our summer internship program. 

“The Reynolds internship is definitely a little bit different from others, just because it’s so job-specific.We’re not just sitting here filing paperwork or getting coffee. We’re doing things that actually matter. I personally am working with different dealership budgets and that shows that I’m actually making a difference here.​​​​

“One take away from the Reynolds experience would definitely be communication. I think it’s really important to know how to communicate with others in a business environment and Reynolds’ internship does a great way of exposing us to that.”

Jordan was another participant in our summer internship program. 

“Previously, an internship experience that I had, I really didn’t get to interact with a lot of different employees. I was on my own a lot, working on my own projects but here at Reynolds and Reynolds, they really want their interns to interact with everybody. They want their interns to learn and grow. They want them to be a part of the company and that’s what sets Reynolds apart from other internship opportunities out there.

“The professional development and Lunch and Learn events that I’ve been able to attend during my internship here at Reynolds really add to helping me grow my professionalism, whether that be how to dress, how to give the proper handshake. That’s stuff that adds to my internship, but also gives me lessons on things that I can take away when I leave Reynolds.”

Becca is a full-time employee who was hired after completing our summer internship program. 

“I feel that my internship helped me, from the different skills that I picked up and the networking opportunities that I had. I really feel that it helped me to grow my professional network.

“What ultimately made me decide to stay on with Reynolds full-time after my internship was just the emphasis that the company puts on the growth of their employees, as well as the relationships that I was able to create through my time during the summer.

“What I would tell a friend who is considering internship opportunities with Reynolds is that they should definitely go for it. It’s a wonderful program and a great learning experience overall.”