Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

Meredith is a business development center specialist with the sales team.

“The Business Development Center, or BDC for short, is the inside sales organization.

“The training here at Reynolds and Reynolds is unprecedented and I know that as I continue to progress in my career, they’re still gonna be there giving me that additional training that I need to move forward.

“You know, it’s not the same thing day in and day out, which is part of what I love about it. Whether it be contacting a new customer or following up with a customer, not only just to sell them things, but to also give them guidance on their business.

“Being inside sales, being in an office gives me a lot of flexibility as far as my hours are concerned. I don’t have to travel all over the country. I have a family. I like to be able to get home and spend time with them.

“Sales club is a celebration for the top sales performers for the year. We travel to different destinations throughout the country and just celebrate great sales success.

“I would tell someone who’s looking to pursue a sales position with Reynolds to go for it. There’s a lot of money to be made and a lot of fun to be gad along the way, too.”

Travis works as a BDC Naked Lime specialist.

“A typical day is actually just calling my car dealers and identifying ways that I can help them improve their marketing and advertising strategy so that they can make more money.”

“If there’s something that’s gonna make you better, you let them know and they’ll invest the time and the money to make you better.

“The most enjoyable thing for me has been the sales leader club. That’s allowed me to go to places like Las Vegas and the Bahamas and South Beach and it’s always a five-star resort. Great food, unbelievable time.

“With Reynolds what I’ve noticed is we look, you know, 10 years down the road, 15 years down the road. We’re the innovators in our industry. We actually set the tone and then everybody else tends to follow.”

Chelsea is a BDC specialist.

“The relationships that I’ve been able to develop with my customers have been great. I’ve really become more of a consultant to those dealerships as opposed to someone who’s trying to sell them something.

“Most of the time I am making phone calls to enhance existing relationships with customers. In addition to that, I’m also able to travel on site, which has been fantastic.

“It’s great that I’m here and I can work with my customers all day long and really focus on that. But at the end of the day, I can still go home and have a routine outside of work.

“You have limitless potential here at Reynolds and Reynolds and can make however much you want.”