Day in the Life of Part-Time to Full-Time Positions

Ryan graduated from Texas A&M University and now works at Reynolds and Reynolds as a manufacturer integration project specialist.

“I attended Texas A&M University. After graduation, I wanted to move to Reynolds and Reynolds full-time because I was already invested in the culture at Reynolds and Reynolds and I knew that it was a professional environment that I really wanted to be in.

“Anyone that’s considering Reynolds and Reynolds as a full-time position after college, I say, ‘Go for it.’”

Jackson, a Texas A&M University alum, is a trade show coordinator.

“I went to Texas A&M University. Reynolds made transitioning from part-time to full-time very easy. My supervisor was more than willing to give me a recommendation and really just getting me in there and getting me a chance to talk to people in different departments.

“I wanted to move to full-time because I kinda fell in love with the Reynolds culture itself. Like, you learn that it’s all kinda one big family and you learn to appreciate that.”

Allyson is also a Texas A&M University graduate and works as a software instructor.

“I studied at Texas A&M University. Having a part time job in college really kept me on schedule. It definitely gave me a structured list of things that I had to do every day. It gave me a lot of really good real-world experience in a corporate environment while I was still pursuing my degree.

“One of my favorite things about working with Reynolds and Reynolds is the environment that I’m in. It’s a corporate environment. Everything is structured. You know exactly what’s expected of you and they opening challenge you because they want you to grow and succeed. All of my coworkers are absolutely phenomenal. I love working with them every day. They make the experience really enjoyable.

“After graduation, if someone was considering a job with Reynolds and Reynolds I would tell them that there are a lot of great opportunities. They give you the tools that you’re gonna need to grow and succeed in this industry.”