Day in the Life of a Customer Support Specialist

Kendall, a customer support specialist, is located in Houston, TX.

“Support specialists go to dealerships every day and they help the customers with their software. We want to make sure they’re using everything they have.

“Training is taught by a different rep from the field. They come in with their own perspective on their dealerships and their level of knowledge and then also you go to the field and shadow about three different reps throughout training. You’re not only learning the software, you’re learning an entire automotive industry.

“One thing that’s really cool about the customer support position is that you are able to handle your own schedule once you’re in the field and see a variety of personalities every day while still working from home. So it’s a really awesome opportunity.”

Megan works as a customer support specialist in Dayton, OH.

“A person that would make a good fit for the Customer Support Specialist role would be a person that really wants to build relationships with customers as well as likes to travel within a territory and be on the move and not stationary at a desk.

“Some of the resources that Reynolds gives me: working from home, I get dual monitors so that I can do web training as well as I get a tablet and a company car.

“Working for an industry leader is really nice because when you walk in the door they know that you work for Reynolds and you don’t have to explain yourself or the products that you’re coming into discuss.”

Grant is a customer support specialist located in Louisville, KY.

“We had a big group of about 15 or 16 by the time I was done with training. A lot of my best friends from the department were in my training class. It was kind of a lot of fun, really. It was almost an extension of school.

“You’re driving quite a bit but it’s on the company car, so the gas, the maintenance, the insurance, everything is covered.”