Day in the Life of a Customer Service Rep

Sigourney, a student from Wright State University majoring in Sociology, and works with the customer service team.

“My department is responsible for supporting products that customers buy and use. We support a couple different web-based programs and we speak with customers that are using those programs to help support and help the system with those products.

“I immediately felt part of the team. It’s a family atmosphere and everyone was extremely helpful in helping me learn my position.

“They take a lot of time with you to get to know the product. They let you shadow people until you feel you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and you can handle the job on your own.

“It’s a great place to start your career and work your way up and advance within the company. I would tell a friend considering opportunities with Reynolds to absolutely check into it and apply.”

Brittany graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and now works on Reynolds’ customer service team.  

“I’ll take incoming calls and just help customers with either general questions or maybe they’re having a problem with what they’re trying to do in a system with that.

“A typical day I’ll come in and take calls for a portion of the day and work with customers. Other part of the day, I’ll be working on tickets and following up with customers.

“The training here has set me up to be successful by starting out with a mentor so I was able to get comfortable with another person on our team.

“I participated in the softball league; I participated in the volleyball league. I think it’s a good atmosphere to be in, and just overall a great company.”

Natwan, another member of the customer service team, graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Masters of Business Administration in Management.

“The impact that I make in my position is being able to positively affect the customer on a daily basis.

“The team environment is very interactive, very friendly. They all want to see your nest interest at heart. Reynolds is a place that you can build an actual career; it’s not just a place that you call another job.”