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Built to Win Balancing People, Processes, and Technology

What exactly does “winning” in the dealership look like? It’s balancing people, processes, and technology with a dealership-wide approach. Download this whitepaper to find out more.

The Cost of DMS Downtime

Learn about all the factors that can make the cost of a downtime event skyrocket.

Switching to Reynolds The Impact on Profitability

The report shows when dealerships switch to Reynolds every KPI increases. Metrics are sorted into sections: dealership wide, variable ops, and fixed ops.

Payment Processing Dealership Dos and Don'ts

Learn about what to look for in a provider and how those characteristics have a lasting effect on your business.

High Technician Turnover, Fierce Competition It's Time to Crisis-Proof Your Service Department

Preventing turnover starts with understanding your technicians and creating a better environment.

How to Rescue Leads That Get Away A Three-Step Guide to Recovering Revenue

Learn how to rescue mishandled phone calls in three simple steps.

The Strategy Behind Used Vehicles An In-House Approach

Learn about an in-house approach to moving and acquiring used vehicles to help you generate more than an additional $800 in used vehicle gross profit.

Redefining CRM: Take Back Control to Wipe Out Inefficiencies

Learn how to fight the inefficiencies your traditional CRM tool creates that lead to a less productive sales force.

Case Study: How Hendrick Automotive Group Went From in the Race to First Place

Learn about the challenges Hendrick Automotive Group faced and why they chose to partner with Reynolds to combat those pains and create a more successful future for their dealerships.

An Abandoned Industry Why Dealerships Miss the Accessory Experience

This is a guide to the abandoned accessory industry, highlighting key challenges both in and out of a dealership's control. Learn why accessories haven't worked in the past. Then learn what could make accessory challenges a thing of the past.

Dealership Phones: The Ugly Truth 5 Mistakes Dealerships Make When Vetting a Phone System

Use this guide to analyze the depths of your current phone system.

CRM Buyer's Guide Choosing the Right Solution for You

Use this guide to help your dealership find the perfect CRM tool.