• Sends customized or automated texts to keep customers informed.
  • Allows advisors to communicate in a more convenient way with the customer. 
  • Saves all communications between the employee and the customer in the DMS. 
  • Is compliant with FTC regulations.
iPhone X with screen of ReyText

When paired with ReyPAY, ReyText automatically sends a text link to your service customer so they can pay online at their convenience. This saves your employees and customers time and gets cars out of the drive faster. 

iPhone X with screen of ReyPAY


  • Allows customers to pay in a way that's convenient for them text and online.
  • Eliminates transposition errors by populating payment amounts without manual entry.
  • Enables employees to close ROs faster once the payment is received.
  • Relieves the cashier bottleneck in your service department.
  • Ensures customer's card information is safe and secure.

When paired with ReyText, ReyPAY allows customers to pay the way they want to through their mobile device. ReyPAY is efficient, convenient, and secure. Less time is spent waiting in line to pay. Service advisors and technicians become more efficient and customers experience your store in a new light.

What's in it for you?

  • CSI scores increase.
  • Advisors spend less time playing phone tag. 
  • Customers get out the door faster with a mobile payment method. 
  • Cashiers aren't bogged down with long lines during rush hours. 
  • Payments are collected faster.

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