A panel of industry experts gathered to discuss Retail Anywhere: a dealership-wide process that utilizes the Retail Management System’s single system approach, allowing dealers like you to serve customers – in-store, online, or both – without sacrificing what’s most important to your long-term success.

Meet the Speakers

Image of Kasi Edwards

Kasi Edwards
Senior Vice President of Marketing


Kasi Edwards leads the company’s marketing, advertising, communications, and Retail Management System messages to the market. During her over 21-year career with Reynolds, she’s built an accomplished background in sales, marketing, and product management.

Image of Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh
Executive Vice President of Sales


In addition to being responsible for sales and sales leadership, Walsh is also part of Reynold’s Executive Committee. During his 30 year tenure, he has held a variety of leadership roles across the Reynolds organization, including Reynolds Document Services and Naked Lime Marketing.

Image of Dave Bates

Dave Bates
Chief Customer Ambassador


Dave is chartered with finding opportunities that drive meaningful change in how Reynolds works with customers, and then leading those change initiatives for the company. During his 30+ year career with Reynolds, he has also held leadership positions in other customer service and marketing functions.

Digital Retailing is Dealership Operations, Period
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What Retail Anywhere Means to You

Control and Profitability of the Sale

Assist customers and step in when necessary as they are shopping online.
 Engage customers with an interactive online aftermarket presentation and signing ceremony.
 Accept down payments electronically.
Send deals for funding electronically to lower CIT times and increase profits.
• Present service upsell opportunities electronically with videos and pictures.
 Track all profit opportunities to ensure employees are presenting every upsell, every time.

Accuracy of the Transaction

• Match customer information and vehicle details entered online to CRM and DMS records.
• Receive automatic updates for monthly payments, rates and rebates, trade valuations, and financing terms throughout the negotiation process.
• Allow customers to receive complete service invoices and notifications with pre-populated totals so they can pay online.
• Schedule service appointments online in a central hub that contains all previous service history.
In accounting, reconcile in seconds, not hours, with complete accuracy that matches every time.

Efficiency of Your Employees

• Sign deals electronically, no matter where the customer is, to speed up the sale.
• Access deals simultaneously in the office to speed up the funding process.
• Send recommended services electronically with pictures and videos, allowing the customer to select and send back which ones they approve.
• Accept payments in ways that are convenient for the customer – online, text, or contactless – to eliminate cashier bottlenecks.

How to Retail Anywhere in…

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