A Built to Win Approach




Jason Owens, owner at Patriot Automotive Group, has been in the car business for 30 years. After purchasing his first store, he knew technology was a critical piece of daily operations. From service write-ups, to CRM history, to deal structures, everything his stores do is centered around their single system.

Portrait of Jason Owens

"With Reynolds, profitability comes simple."

   Jason Owens | Owner | Patriot Automotive Group

How is it done?

We all have our versions of winning, but whatever aspect of the business you focus on comes with trade-offs.

Focusing on crushing revenue goals month to month might overshadow how much time and effort is spent on your employees’ behalf, which could lead to retention issues or costly turnover canceling out those gains.

Zoning in on an increase in repair orders might result in losing sight of manual processes eating into productivity, which could create hidden costs in other areas. 

A winning mindset is less about focusing on a specific end result and more about evaluating your dealership-wide approach. 

Download the whitepaper to understand the built-to-win approach: balancing people, processes, and technology.

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