Testimonial Video: Why Patriot Automotive Group Chose Reynolds

Jason Owens is the owner of Patriot Automotive Group.

"My father was in the car business a hundred years ago. He was a used car manager at a Ford store and always had a love for the car business. I started working at that dealership, then branched out into my own and stumbled across my first dealership twenty years ago. The first thing we did when we came in is we looked at some other DMS'. I've utilized CDK, I've utilized Reynolds and Reynolds, and I've seen a million other vendors that come in and say, "Hey, listen, we have a very similar product that's much less expensive."

It's funny. The end result's always the same. It costs less because you got less. If we're going to be cheap on something, it's not going to be this. This is everything. This is the bank, the safe, the vault. This definitely is the epicenter of our business.

Everything that we have is designed around our DMS. Every time you come into one of our stores, you get a consistent message. It's the same process, nothing different. It's all about the customer experience and how we can make things transparent and easy. That really is everything in our business, if you have people and process, profitability comes simple.

To know that we have a system that can warehouse three dealerships and hundreds of thousands of customers and information. It's awesome. I never thought that that system could be better than it can be today.

And every day it continues to amaze us. It's something that we would never want to do without."