Reynolds and Reynolds Provides Practical Tips for Dealers on How to Meet Customer and Employee Expectations for a Better Dealership Experience

Reynolds Whitepapers Outline Strategies to Succeed in the “New Normal” of Automotive Retail

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To help dealers better meet the expectations of their customers and of their workforce, Reynolds and Reynolds Company executives authored a number of whitepapers in 2015 that offer strategies and practical steps dealers can take to deliver a more rewarding experience to their customers and to their employees

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“In the ‘New Normal’ of automotive retailing, the most successful dealerships will be those that most effectively adapt to the increased demands of customers and employees for a better dealership experience,” said Kasi Edwards, vice president of Marketing at Reynolds. “At Reynolds, we're focused on providing dealers with the tools that help them deliver a more rewarding dealership experience in every part of their business. These whitepapers are one more example of Reynolds' focus to help dealers meet these challenges head on.”

About the Whitepapers

“As Time Goes By”: What a Classic Movie and Famous Song Can Teach Dealers About the Customer Experience
In this whitepaper, Reynolds President Ron Lamb looks at wait times in the dealership and the difference between rewarding and engaged time and unrewarding and unengaged time – and what to do about both.

Tick-Tock. As Time (Still) Goes by Slowly for Consumers in a Dealership
The challenge for dealers is to eliminate the unnecessary steps and waiting where possible, as well as to manage the time and the waiting more effectively when they cannot be reduced or eliminated. In this whitepaper, Lamb offers strategies dealers can use to help make the customer’s time spent in a dealership more efficient, informative, and engaging.

Delivering a Rewarding Customer Experience: One Click, Swipe—and Wave of Your Smartphone—at a Time
In this whitepaper, Product Planning Senior Director Scott Worthington looks at what dealers need to know—and do—to add secure, electronic payment options to their businesses to meet the growing expectation among consumers for convenient payment options for any retail transaction, including the dealership experience.

Service Department: The New, Old Frontier at the Intersection of Technology and the Consumer Experience
In this whitepaper, Product Planning Director Jason Sideris explores trends that are changing customer expectations for every retail experience, including dealership service. By adopting specific technologies and processes, dealerships can influence the consumer experience in the service department, ultimately improving operating results.

From Trophy Kids to Prized Employees: How the Right Mix of People, Process, and Technology Can Help Dealers Attract and Retain Millennial Employees
Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S., and many dealers have been quick to recognize the need to market and sell to this group. But, with Millennials also poised to soon make up the majority of the workforce, are dealerships spending enough time and energy to attract and retain Millennials to work in their stores? Whitepaper author Carl Bennett, who oversees Reynolds Consulting Services, looks at Millennials' changing expectations for the workplace, the business impacts of turnover at dealerships, and how those trends intersect.

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