The Company Foundation focus

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company Foundation, founded in 1986, has a focus on giving towards higher education programs. We proudly support individual students and academic institutions. Our goal is to prepare quality students for key roles in our regional communities.

If you are interested in a grant for a non-profit organization in the Dayton, Ohio area, see our Associate Foundation.

Grant information

Grants for higher education institutions and scholarships are made four times annually. Organizations can be considered for a grant once per fiscal year. An approved grant does not guarantee future support. If you receive our grant, we may ask for a comprehensive assessment of grant success.

We focus on supporting our community in areas where we primarily operate — Dayton, Ohio; Celina, Ohio; Houston, Texas; College Station, Texas. 

Due to federal law, policy, or budget limitations, we do not contribute to the following:

  • Organizations without IRS tax exemption 501(c)(3) status 
  • Individual primary or secondary schools 
  • Sectarian organizations having a predominantly religious purpose 
  • Individuals 
  • Political parties, offices, or candidates 
  • Fraternal or veteran’s organizations 
  • Organizations who cannot provide adequate accounting records or procedures 
  • Tax-supported universities and colleges for operating purposes 
  • Funding for deficits or debt retirement 
  • Endowments 
  • Courtesy advertising 
  • Fundraising events 
  • Capital campaigns 

All applications must be submitted through email to Please use our submission guidelines to make sure all necessary information is included with your application.

Reynolds Honors Scholarship

The Company Foundation has established a number of academic scholarships. When applying for Foundation scholarships, please review the requirements of each scholarship carefully.

The Reynolds Honors Scholarships for associates’ children are provided by the Company Foundation as a way for Reynolds to support the pursuit of higher education and enhance the well-being of associates and their families. Since 1989 when the program began, the Company Foundation has funded thousands of dollars in Honor Scholarships that have helped children of associates throughout the organization attend college. Scholarship applications are accepted between January 20 and March 15. This scholarship is open to children of associates in the US and Canada.

Contact Information

If you are interested in a grant for a non-profit organization in the Dayton, Ohio area: