Island Acura with AddOnAuto

Before we implemented AddOnAuto, accessories were sold in our F&I department. We didn’t have a presentation tool at the time, so we displayed pre-loaded vehicles on the showroom floor and showed customers a manufacturer “sell sheet” listing all the accessories at install price.

F&I had so many other things to do to complete a deal and their own aftermarket products to sell, eventually accessories took a backseat. We decided to move the responsibility of presenting accessories from F&I to sales in hopes that this would increase our accessories business.

When we made that decision, we chose AddOnAuto to help us improve accessory sales.

We now have four offices in our showroom dedicated to presenting accessories. Each office has a 40” screen where we show AddOnAuto to our customers before they go into F&I. They think it’s really cool that they can customize the vehicle they’re about to buy on a large screen right in front of them. They don’t just have to imagine what their vehicle will look like with a specific accessory, accessories can be added and removed in real-time. The whole experience for the customer is really exciting.

Acura actually developed an app for accessories sales and came in to show me shortly after we launched AddOnAuto. They put an iPad in my hands and walked me through the app before I stopped them and said, “Take a walk with me. Let me show you why I won’t use an iPad.” I took them into one of the offices and did an accessory presentation with AddOnAuto on the 40” screen. They left saying, “This is amazing!” Their jaws were on the floor; they absolutely loved it.

What I love most about AddOnAuto is we’re able to offer every customer an accessory presentation, every time, and I can hold my salespeople accountable for doing that.

When both the process you enforce and the tool you’re using are great, the presentation is great. We truly believe in the process here and make sure we have the right people in place— AddOnAuto makes the rest easy.

If you’re serious about selling accessories and want to increase profits, AddOnAuto is absolutely the tool for you. I highly recommend it.



Frank Onolfi, General Manager
Island Acura, NY