Bill Luke Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram with AddOnAuto

At Bill Luke, we sell almost 900 new and used cars a month with a ‘high volume, low profit mentality.’ Because of this, we are always looking for opportunities to add incremental dollars to our bottom line. When it came to accessories, we never wanted to be a store that pre-loaded. You just end up giving the add-ons away and you’re hurting yourself more than anything.

We decided to try a soft approach by offering customers a list of our top five accessories. Unfortunately, the accessories were OEM specific and didn’t pertain to all our customers. It was also hard to get the sales team to buy in. They would show customers the list to appease me, but weren’t really trying to sell anything.

Then Reynolds approached us about AddOnAuto. It seemed high tech and emotionally engaging for the customer. We had never seen anything as advanced or with that type of accessory data. Accessory selling needed to be easy for the sales person, as they don’t have the background to explain the accessories. The software needed to be something that was point and click. That is what I really liked about AddOnAuto.

My sales team likes AddOnAuto because it gives them an accessory champion for their customers to go to for questions and they can easily show the customer the accessories on their exact vehicle. It makes their job easier and helps them sell cars faster. From a customer’s perspective, I think they like it because they are engaged in the process.

AddOnAuto has opened up a new world for us. We have been doubling our accessory sales every month since starting up and we are on pace to reach $85,000 this month and we’ve just begun. I can’t wait to see where AddOnAuto takes us in the future.


Chris Knaub
General Sales Manager
Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Phoenix, AZ