Recall Management

Manage and act on all recalls to protect yourself and your customers.

Each day it seems like a new recall is released, and keeping up with each one is nearly impossible. Reviewing each vehicle, one by one, is a never-ending task. Your service department has an opportunity to check for recalls on every vehicle that comes in, but is that realistic? Recalls are more common and more complicated with every passing year – how do you ensure you get the work and your customers are driving away safely?

Recall Management, powered by Recall Masters, is the only comprehensive recall solution that provides recall data for all OEM brands, allowing you to catch open recalls on all vehicles in your inventory, service lane, or reconditioning lot. Quickly review inventory for any vehicles impacted by active recalls. Get notified when a vehicle in service has an open recall and the steps and parts required to resolve it.

Recall Management - Main

Benefits of Recall Management

Recall Management - Benefits
  • Proactive
    Review active recalls as soon as they are released by OEMs to inform customers in sales and service conversations.
  • Clear
    Begin work on vehicles immediately with defined complaint, cause, and correction notes based on recall notices.
  • Protected
    Ensure you follow “Stop-Sale” indicators as deals are started, and service notifies customers of recommended work to resolve the issue.

What can you experience:

“We needed a better way to manage recalls. Recall Management applies to all aspects of my business, seamlessly running in the background. It checks the VIN of every vehicle entered, gathers extensive recall data, and provides all the information I’m looking for, including a description of any open recalls, the recommended action to fix the recall, the parts’ availability, the estimated labor time, and the reimbursement amount.”

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