Harness the power of data for faster, more accurate, and more profitable inventory decisions.

Acquiring, appraising, and pricing used vehicles can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Values are constantly changing, forcing you to adjust your approach. You spend hours each day switching between marketplace and auction websites browsing inventory, filtering comp data, and making manual adjustments to match your used vehicle strategy. This process is time-consuming and leads to imprecise vehicle valuations — costing you money.

AutoVision is an inventory management and appraisal platform that uses the freshest, most accurate data to drive your used vehicle department’s efficiency and profitability. With a central hub to source both new car and used car inventory, precise comp sets, and real-time market data, the AutoVision software amplifies your unique used vehicle strategy and expertise so you can turn inventory faster and at higher profits.

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Benefits of AutoVision

Person viewing the a car listing and the AutoVision "wingman" application.
  • Streamlined
    Instantly appraise cars from private seller listings, marketplace sites, and during live simulcast sales without changing tabs or leaving your browser window.
  • Comprehensive
    Gain insight into each trade-in’s mechanical condition before making an offer using OBDII scanners to view diagnostic codes.
  • Precise
    Accurately appraise vehicles using daily refreshed comp sets you can refine based on details like trim level, high-value packages, and geographical region.
  • Customizable
    Automatically receive appraisal and pricing recommendations based on your dealership’s specific goals and pricing strategy.
  • Insightful
    Access robust market data including reports on shifting competitor prices, movement, and rankings.

The Right Data for your Dealership

Your used vehicle strategy is unique. Use your expertise, combined with our precise data, to make the right inventory decisions every time. 

AutoVision Vehicle Search Screen

Better Communication in Every Department

Acquiring, reconditioning, and pricing used vehicles requires communication across the dealership. AutoVision ensures that all relevant information is available for both fixed and variable operations. 

Mobile Inspection Page for AutoVision

What you can experience:

“The recent integration of AutoVision with Reynolds and Reynolds has further streamlined operations. This connected system facilitates more efficient data sharing and process management, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer service.”

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The biggest threat to your used vehicle department? Data that can't keep up.

The biggest threat to your used vehicle department? Data that can't keep up.
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