You special order parts, but you don't sell them.

The black hole. It’s that area of your parts department where special orders are left behind. You ordered the part, it came in, but the customer never came back to buy it. By the time you’ve realized what’s happened, the customer had the repair done elsewhere. Now what are you going to do?

Send reminders when a part is received.

Get special order parts off the shelves and on the customers' cars. Automatic calls inform your customers of parts arrival. You remind your customers to come back in to finish their repairs, before the parts get lost in the black hole.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Fixed Ops Director

Stop wasting your money on special orders when there’s an automated process to bring your customers back in. With one call — one press of a button — your customers can set up an appointment to come back in, giving you another chance at more profit.

Service Advisor

It’s easy to forget to call a customer who ordered a special part that was recently received. It can get pushed aside when other customers are arriving on the drive. Let the system send out reminders for you. Customers can schedule an appointment to install the parts while you take care of those on the drive. 

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