Parts Retail Markup Option

Quickly increase gross profits from parts sales with no extra work.

Each month you spend time looking over your reports trying to find new ways to increase profits or cut costs. But your inventory is as lean as you can get it, your cores are always returned, your pricing matrix is updated, and both counters are constantly busy so you can’t cut hours. What’s left? In reality, a simple and automated parts mark-up could do the trick.

Parts Retail Markup Option allows you to add small price increases to the selling price of certain retail parts. By adding less than a dollar to the price of your parts, it can substantially increase your profits with no extra cost or stress to your employees.

Customer signing off additional service work.

Benefits of Parts Retail Markup Option

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  • Revenue
    Increase parts gross on every sale by automatically rounding up the part to a specific number.
  • Analytics
    Report and track your profit gained from Parts Retail Markup Option on your dashboard.
  • Consistency
    Create a pricing structure that customers are used to by ending parts prices in 99 cents.
  • Regulate
    Control every price level code by source allowing you to separate retail and wholesale prices.

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