Rethink the way you sell accessories.

When a customer wants their new truck lifted as part of their deal, every part of you wants to send them to a custom shop. If you dont, you will have to call parts and get questions you dont know the answers to. Youll have to call service to get labor, and you know its going to be weeks before they can get the truck in. Its so much time for so little return.

AddOnAuto is an accessory solution designed to make accessory sales simple and increase margins by streamlining the pricing, ordering, and fulfillment process. It includes an interactive, digital presentation with the customers exact vehicle, OEM and aftermarket products, and accurate pricing options. All accessory information can be pulled seamlessly into the deal, and parts and service are notified electronically. 

Benefits of AddOnAuto

AOA Benefits
  • Profitable
    Capture additional profit opportunity on accessories that is currently being spent elsewhere.
  • Interactive
    Give customers an engaging and interactive atmosphere to customize their vehicle with accessories.
  • Accountable
    Track orders electronically and keep a record of communication between departments.
  • Retention
    Retain customers by converting them into service more quickly after the sale.
  • Seamless
    As part of Reynolds Retail Management System, all accessory pricing and parts information is pulled into the DMS.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

An easy-to-use configurator allows customers to visualize their desired accessories on their exact vehicle with accurate payment details. 

AOA HotSpot1

Easily Track Accessory Sales Performance

Monitor customer engagement, review presentations for training purposes, and track profits through specific accessory reports all from one easy-to-read dashboard.

AOA HotSpot2

What can you experience:

“Prior to AddOnAuto, our accessory sales were almost non-existent. Since going live with AddOnAuto, our accessory sales have increased 300-400%.”

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