Targeted Marketing

Put an end to the generic, blanket approach with custom marketing.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to your targeted marketing efforts. If done right, these efforts can move inventory, fill your service lane, and establish loyalty with your brand. But mis-targeting can mean lost customers, wasted ad spend, and heavy non-compliance fines. So how can you ensure that your targeting is done right each and every time?

Reynolds Targeted Marketing takes the guesswork out of customer communications. Our dedicated marketing analysts manage all recurring reminders, as well as send sales and service campaigns to help you keep your current customers while recapturing lost or dormant ones.

Benefits of Targeted Marketing

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  • Custom
    Develop personalized email content that complies with OEM guidelines and federal advertising regulations.
  • Accurate
    Effectively reach customers using cleansed and updated DMS data, supplemented with our proprietary industry and market data.
  • Automatic
    Automatically send relevant, timely messages to customers based on their engagement with your content.
  • Managed
    Receive the help of a dedicated marketing team that provides ongoing strategies to help you reach your specific goals.
  • Integrated
    See customer interactions and trigger automated communications in your CRM, not just leads.

Captivate and Convert

Inspire action with tailored content sent to customers and prospects alike. 

Sample offer from Reynolds Auto Group

What can you experience:

Reynolds Targeted Marketing offers a great asset in how it integrates with our CRM, DMS, and other systems. It puts everything under one umbrella.

Targeted Marketing helps me control my advertising spending. I don’t need a large budget because it accomplishes what I’m trying to do and it keeps customers coming in.

Were able to track the campaigns we send out and get analytics. We also get an email with prospects if they’ve clicked any of our email offers, making it easy to follow up with the customer and try to set an appointment.

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