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Maximize your marketing dollars, generate sales leads, track and improve service CSI and so much more with PromoTAG® and ScanTRAX CSI® hang tags.

You have a golden opportunity to get your marketing message in front of customers when they pick up their vehicles after service.

Take advantage of it by turning your dispatch tag into a marketing powerhouse. PromoTAG® and ScanTRAX CSI® can help you generate sales leads, track CSI, build loyalty with incentives towards future services, and so much more!  


PromoTAG and ScanTRAX CSI Benefits

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  • Consistent
    Communicate a consistent marketing message to every service customer.
  • Easy-to-use
    Dispatch numbers can be color coded to identify different service teams, distinguish between waiter and drop offs, etc.
  • Convenient
    QR codes can link customers directly to your website.
  • Efficient
    Perforated key tags help keep your service drive efficient and organized.


PromoTAG hang tags combine traditional dispatch numbers with your choice of advertising message -  whether its service coupons to keep customers loyal, a sales message like “Your vehicle is in high demand”, or even a “We’re Hiring” message to help you recruit new employees, we’ll help you craft the perfect message to accomplish your mission.

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ScanTRAX CSI is the easy way to get customer feedback fast. A QR code links customers directly to a short survey that includes an open area for comments. The ease of use encourages customers to provide feedback and gives you the opportunity to address dissatisfaction before an OEM survey is completed.

In addition to the marketing benefits ScanTRAX shares with PromoTag, it also includes the following benefits:

  • Choose from existing surveys or have one tailored to fit your needs.
  • Hot Alerts, sent via email when a customer is dissatisfied or when a customer indicates they are in the market for a new vehicle, so you can respond quickly.
  • Comprehensive reporting that includes completed surveys, summarized results by advisor and more, to help you identify opportunities for coaching to improve customer experience.
  • Ability to capture email addresses for survey participants so you can extend your marketing reach.
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PromoTAG Testimonial

It has only been one week, but we have already sold a vehicle with the new [vehicle appraisal] PromoTAG design!

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