Service Portal 2.0

Connect customers to your service drive 24/7/365.

It’s another busy Saturday, and instead of being out on the drive talking to customers and upselling, you’re busy on the phone re-scheduling overbooked appointments and giving customers updates on their vehicle in for service. Not to mention, you have a stack of paper appointment notes that need added to the schedule from yesterday. It’s going to be another long day of data entry and making sure your shop isn’t overloaded. How can this process get better?

Service Portal 2.0 is an online customer portal designed to empower your service customers to take control of certain aspects of the service process, like scheduling appointments, getting status updates, and much more. This frees you up to work with the customers already on your service drive.  As part of your Retail Management System, scheduled appointments appear immediately in your calendar along with the customer’s information. Everything is connected so you won’t have to rekey information or deal with duplicate files.

Person on phone using Service Portal 2.0 functionalities.

Benefits of Service Portal 2.0

Person on phone and laptop showing a streamlined process.
  • Transparent
    Improve the customer experience and build loyalty by giving them the ability to see exactly where their vehicle is in the service process.
  • Real-time
    Reduce over-scheduling your shop by providing customers with real-time appointment availability reflected directly from ERA-IGNITE.
  • Convenient
    Give customers the ability to select vehicle-specific services and make reservations from your website, freeing up your team to focus on getting the work done.
  • AI-driven
    Utilize artificial intelligence that guides customers through describing their vehicle issues so you know what to look for.

All-In-One Portal for Service Customers

Customers can easily book a service visit, check vehicle status, and pay completely online without ever needing to call in. This will allow your service employees to be on the phone less so they can focus on more profitable tasks.

Phone view of Service Portal 2.0.

Give Customers Transparency

Customers can access all their service-based vehicle information from the dealership’s website. By enabling 24/7/365 online service appointments and access to vehicle information, you can enhance customer relationships and increase service revenue.

A screen showing the progress of Service Portal 2.0.

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