Enhance your service drive with the self-service kiosk designed to maximize efficiency, drive profits, and improve your CSI score.

It’s only 8:30 am, but you’ve already got a line of six customers waiting to check in and drop off their keys for service. Your clerk is running late, so you’ve got to step in. That means all your other work, like calling customers for work approval, is going to have to wait.

GoMoto is a self-service kiosk focused on optimizing your service lane. The kiosk allows customers to check in for appointments on their own at the store or use their smartphone to do it online. During the check-in process, customers are presented with additional services, vehicle equity requests, and are able to update all their information. Customers can drop off or pick up their vehicle outside of dealership hours using key lockers and request transportation from ride-share partners.

Benefits of GoMoto

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  • Profitability
    Increase revenue by automatically presenting relevant upsells to the customer during the self-led check-in process every single time.
  • Efficient
    Improve efficiency by reducing check-in times to only two minutes.
  • Improve CSI
    Meet customer expectations by offering a self-led check-in option that 90% of customers prefer.
  • Accurate Data
    Collect customer information with a high level of accuracy.

A Kiosk for Every Need

Every store is different so you can choose from three kiosk options. Each one comes equipped with a QR code scanner for mobile check-in and customizable wraps to align with your dealerships branding.

Kiosk Options

Offer Upsells 100% of the Time

At check-in, GoMoto kiosks include additional services that are presented every single time. You can customize the offers, and they’re sent directly to the repair order once purchased.

GoMoto upselling screen

What can you experience:

"We’ve seen an increase in our premium car wash service of 38%! And, our overall gross profit in service has increased dramatically. There’s honestly no downside to GoMoto. When you see kiosks everywhere, it says a lot about the way people want to do business today and the direction we should be going as an industry. The world is changing and if this isn’t something you’ve added to your dealership, you are going to fall behind."

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