XtreamService - Hendrick Testimonial

Chuck Colson is the Market Area Vice President at Hendrick Automotive Group.

“I had a need where I was walking through the service lane, and I ran into a customer and her daughter, and she said they must think I’m invisible. When she said that to me, it absolutely hit me that, 'you know what? I’m watching the front door of the dealership waiting for something to happen and the greatest traffic source is my service lane.'

I needed an instrument, a technology, a solution, that would let the customer know how much we value them. With Xtream[Service], it allows you to go to the customer so that you are now proactive and able to get your customer before they’re in the buying cylinder and reinforce your brand, your loyalty, and that’s so powerful so that you plant that seed.

No longer does one size fit all. Everyone has different needs. They’re in different journeys of their lifecycle. Your customer from five years ago, now they’re married. They may have children so their needs of the sports car is now potentially an SUV. 

Xtream[Service] now understands the customer better than ever before with all the shared information because it’s an integrated solution inside the DMS. No matter how large or small you are, if you’re not leveraging the data inside your dealership in a digital format, you’re losing money. 

The way Xtream[Service] is now evolving into real-time service lane interaction, the artificial intelligence they’re putting behind it, it is now robust. It is getting to the next level of the customer journey. It gives you the ultimate VIP touch to your customer before they know they’re in the market. They don’t feel pressured. They feel informed. If a customer feels informed, they will spend more money. That’s the key. Instead of changing their oil, they leave with a new automobile. What a wow factor.”