What Happens During Your Negotiation Process?

A salesman is sitting down with a couple to map out the numbers of a good first deal. Everyone is looking relaxed and happy. They agree on a number and he says, “Alright this number looks really good, guys. Let me go talk to my manager and I’ll be right back.”

After he’s left them, they start to get impatient. They’re looking out windows, tapping their fingers, and flipping through brochures. Other customers are also left waiting during the negotiation process. Some are playing on their phones. Others are trying to calm their crying babies, rummaging through their purses, reading magazines, pacing around the room — anything to pass the time. Looks of confusion, anger, and abandonment continuing to grow on the customers’ faces the longer the salesman is away from them.

Finally making his way back to the customers, the salesman says, “Alright, guys, this looks pretty good,” when he notices the chairs at his desk are empty. The customers have left.