Temecula Valley Variable Operations Retail Management System

“If you have to reenter customer’s information two or three times because the system isn’t talking to itself, you’re taking a valuable employee toward a desk job, where they just input information. And that’s not what we want to do here.

When I think about what a DMS really does for a store, it’s the central nervous system. We had lots of conversations around how are we going to integrate our DMS. The decision was made to go with the full suite of Reynolds products.”

“The CRM is unbelievable, it’s the best I’ve seen in the business. We can go in and monitor the conversation, make sure the customer is being followed up on, make sure their tasks are being done.

From the time the customer comes in, the old going back and forth with the desk, back and forth penciling, all that stuff? That’s gone out the window. The deal is pretty much worked to the system, and it just saves so much time and it makes a happier customer experience.”

“And there’s less mistakes because the managers can look over everything that the salesman has put in. And then it’s literally a click of a button and it goes straight to finance.

Before docuPAD®, it was all pen and paper. You used to have to make up a menu, and you’d sit there and write and go over things with customers, trying to use that to bump a customer or add on different products.

With Reynolds Retail Management System, it’s all interactive. You can have people click things, go through everything and they can actually see the benefit of all the products they’re buying, instead of just a sheet of paper.”

“We’ve definitely seen a lift in CSI. We are selling cars quicker to happier customers. We’ve reduced the amount of time they have to sit in our dealership. We’ve definitely seen an increase in front-end profitability.”

“It’s made it so much easier and so much better for our customers.”