Scott S. Customer Experience Testimonial

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Scott S. is a frequent car buyer and decided to share his story about his recent dealership experience.

“I’m a small business owner. I guess I’d call myself an entrepreneur. I have companies that are located in a couple different areas. One is about 250 miles away. I’m a pretty high mileage user, changing out cars on a pretty frequent basis.

“Someone met me in the lot, showed me the vehicle, took my information down, and handed me a business card. All that information then had to be re-keyed again when I actually went to go purchase the vehicle.

“The vehicle had numerous problems. A couple days later, I had to take this back for service. I remember driving in there and them stumbling, trying to find information about me. And then saying: ‘Well we’re kind of backed up right now.’ And then I told him, ‘I just bought this vehicle two or three days ago.’ The manufacturer figured they needed to do something to make it right. They bought the vehicle back.

“So I went to a different dealership further from my home, but this dealership had what I needed on the lot.

“When I got to the dealership, I was sitting across from the sales associate. He turned the monitor to me and we could both see it at the same time. It felt more comfortable for me to be giving him information because I was seeing how it was being used. I could also see if there was a mistake or something that was there. He entered everything one time, in their system, and that was it.

“One of the things you dread is doing all the paperwork when you buy a vehicle. The docuPAD® made it enjoyable. All the documents were in order, facing me. It’s bright. It’s there. It’s not coming off a dot matrix printer like the old fashioned days. The process was seamless.

“I shook the gentleman’s hand. I remember getting out and actually received an email with the documents on my phone. I was so impressed.

“I wanted to go pick up some touch-up paint, so I went down to their service department. He asked me for my telephone number. He pulled up all the details. He didn’t have to go back through, pull out more paperwork, and was able to provide me everything that I needed right then and there.

“A couple days later, I found out that there was a recall on the vehicle. When I called the service department, I told him what happened and his exact words to me were, ‘Scott when do you want to bring this vehicle in?’ That right then and there, quite frankly, really changed my whole outlook because they were now addressing me by name and they made it easy.

“When the dealership makes it easy for me to go back to them, I will do that. The other dealership had a good relationship, everybody knew me, but that level of service was not there. I’ve told numerous people to consider this dealership because of how good the buying experience was. And I attribute a lot of that to the Reynolds System and docuPAD.”