Scott Clark Toyota AddOnAuto Testimonial

Chris Cady is a managing partner at Scott Clark Toyota.

“Using AddOnAuto we’re doing $600 sometimes north of $700 in accessory sales and that’s one of the reasons we think the tool is pretty special.”

“The thing that surprised me most was just how many customers said, ‘Yes,’ and just how much accessories that they purchased. There’s customers that spend five, six thousand dollars on accessories. We never would have predicted that coming in.”

“The AddOnAuto back-end system makes it incredibly easy for the parts to be ordered and installed. And the communication that happens between the front-end and parts department and the service department is seamless.”

“It’s one of the core things that we use to drive profitability in the store.”

“AddOnAuto is the tool that drives that success. It’s the tool that drives that initiative. It’s the foundation for how you sell accessories.”

Kristin Mann is the accessory sales manager at Scott Clark Toyota.

“Once they get to see their actual car on the screen, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh! Is that my car?’ It’s a very big ‘wow’ factor and they love that.”

“It tells you immediately what their payment's going to be when you put the payment in there. It’s a cake walk. ‘Hey, it’s only going to be 10 more dollars a month just to do this.”

“We’re running about $650 right now per car.”

“If another dealer is looking at AddOnAuto, I would definitely tell them and recommend this a hundred and fifty million percent. It’s amazing what it does to your store.”