San Francisco Toyota Retail Management System Testimonial

Doug Donnellan is the vice president of San Francisco Toyota in San Francisco, CA.

“Retailing in today’s world is certainly much different than we’ve ever experienced in the car industry.

“We’re dealing with a significant amount of our customers online. And their expectations of where the experience needs to be once they get here is significantly elevated.

“Whether it is a service drive mobile tablet, a mobile tablet on the showroom floor, or a docuPAD® in our business office. I think we’re all moving in that direction, thinking of the entire suite of Reynolds and Reynolds retail management products.

“When we weighed everything carefully Reynolds and Reynolds won out pretty handily.

“Retaining associates is so critical in today’s retailing world.

“And one of the things that let our associates know how important they are is to give them the proper tools.

“Reynolds and Reynolds wants their group of dealers that they represent with their products, they want us to be successful. Without us being successful using their products they lose as well. So they truly care about our successes.

“In my due diligence trying to figure out who to use we did consider other systems. At the end of the day I don’t think there’s anything better.”