Sam Swope Honda World Parts Barcoding Testimonial

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Russell Graves is the co-fixed operations director at Sam Swope Honda World in Louisville, KY.

“The reason that we decided to purchase the Parts Barcoding system for this dealership was to become more efficient in the way we do things, that was one of the main reasons.

“The overall savings of time for checking in an order is about two hours per day, and it has saved our department up to ten to fifteen hours per week.

“In our case we were actually able to eliminate the shipping and receiving position and we were able to utilize one of our other parts counterpeople to do the shipping and receiving. Our overall savings per year was over $20,000.

“Time is a key factor with any dealership. We have a lot of customers that we need to take care of each and every day, and it has been able to make sure that the technicians and our customers get their parts in a much faster fashion than when we were doing it before, which equates into good customer satisfaction.

“The nice thing about the barcoding system is that it does have reports that you can go and access and look at and review. Things like parts that might have been missed on your stock order, or parts that are in your stock order that are not on your order. There’s several things that help you manage your inventory in that critical check-in process.

“I would tell any parts manager that is looking at using a Parts Barcoding system, that this is definitely the system that they’d want to look into. This system has all the utilizations that you need to be successful and we couldn’t operate without it anymore.”

Robert Dearner is a parts counterperson at Sam Swope Honda World.

“Productivity-wise, Parts Barcoding helps me do the parts receiving in a more timely fashion. It takes two hours less to scan the parts and then another hour less to put the parts up. Using the Parts Barcoding is a lot easier, makes it a lot quicker, less mistakes. Everything is easier.

“Parts Barcoding has increased our efficiency by only having to have one person do the shipping and receiving. It’d take two people before — one would call the numbers out and one would mark it in and then put a sticker on it if they were special orders. And now all you’ve got to do is scan it and then it prints out a customer name on a sticker and you put it on the part.

“All of our special order parts are in the computer under a reference number and under the customer name, so when we scan a part it automatically prints out a label with the customer’s name and the order reference number and with the part number — so we know what part goes to what customer.

“It only it takes two steps, you scan the part, then you run your invoices out. It makes it a lot easier, less steps. I feel that it has made me more productive, it helps me save time, it helps me get other jobs done that need to be done, instead of having to come in extra days or work extra hours. So, overall, it’s a lot more timely, gets everything done, and everything is correct.”

Mike Picheo is the parts manager at Sam Swope Honda World.

“It helps eliminate mistakes during the receipting process because once you scan the part, it automatically receipts that part in.

“You can use the scanner for parts that don’t have a barcode — such as the tires. They don’t have a Honda label on them, so we create our own label with the scanner and we affix that to every tire. That way there’s not a question on which part numbers need to get billed out on those tires.”