Reynolds Consulting Services Promotional Video

Consultant: Do you want to take your dealership from this… To this?

You’re busy running the business… So let us help improve it.

Try targeting new prospect groups to increase vehicle sales. Like customers hiding in your service lanes.

Salesperson: Hi Mrs. Smith.

Receptionist: Okay thanks for calling. I hope to see you soon.

Consultant: HOPE! You can’t make sales hoping your customers show up.

Receptionist: Hello, yes we have the vehicle in stock. You can come on by today and check it out.

Consultant: [whispers] Ask for the appointment!

Receptionist: Uh, would you like to come in today?

Consultant: How about increasing your profitability in your used department?

You can’t just guess. You’ve got to look at the data and have a plan for your inventory!

Our consultants have an average of 13 years of experience in dealerships. We know our stuff and we want to share it with you to help you improve your business. Let’s take your dealership to the next level.