ReverseRisk - Bryan Honda

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Brian Martin is the finance director at Bryan Honda.

One of the biggest measures that we see and how I look at the overall performance, not just of my finance managers, the sales managers, the sales person, is ReverseRisk.

ReverseRisk has been amazing as far as accountability and how I can hold my managers accountable. It eliminates me from going to several different sources trying to gather all the data, all the information to see how each and every one of my managers are performing in the department. I can just click on, look at the deal file, and see what each manager did per deal.

Tim Roussell is the general manager at Bryan Honda. 

When a customer comes into the dealership and does business, ReverseRisk tells me it did business. You can pick the problems and address them immediately. The entire employee base knows you’re watching, and can see you’re watching, and they can watch in our ReverseRisk too. They know what you’re coming to talk about. They can already see it for themselves and they’ve probably already made some adjustments.

There’s a lot of things in there at a general manager’s fingertips that you’ve always wanted through your whole career but you’ve had to build a lot of your own spread sheets. Now, I can have all that information on my desktop and its really fast, easy. I don’t worry about contracts in transit. I don’t worry about how long a car sits in service before it gets back to the used car lot. I don’t worry if the advertising’s working. I don’t really worry about most of the things I used to have to worry about.