RDS F&I Compliance - LAW® 553 Retail Installment Contract

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You don’t have the time to manage your F&I document compliance and you can’t afford the damage to your business if you’re not compliant.

The Reynolds LAW® 553 Retail Installment Sale Contract is the solution you need to help manage document compliance in your F&I department. Because we stay on top of ever-changing laws and regulations.

The LAW 553 is trusted by dealers in your state as well as dealers in every other state. Our contract is accepted and trusted by virtually every financial institution, ranging from Captives, the nation’s leading banks, regional banks, and credit unions.

The LAW 553 is also trusted and recommended by automotive dealer associations across the nation.

And Reynolds has you covered, looking to the future of business by expanding the trust of the 553 to every electronic F&I vendor.

So why should you use the LAW 553?

There are multiple laws that affect the documents used in every vehicle sale, and they are constantly changing. That’s why Reynolds partners with Hudson Cook, leader in automotive finance law, to review the 553 for legal sufficiency.

Using the LAW 553 for all of your vehicle finance transactions improves productivity by reducing reworked deals, unwinds, and employee training time.

Increase revenue by shopping the 553 to multiple financial institutions. Maximize finance penetration, sell more aftermarket products, and reduce programming costs.

Plus, the LAW 553 is written in consumer-friendly language for a smoother customer experience.

So why wouldn’t you use the most widely-accepted, up-to-date, retail installment sale contract?