Product Rating and Booking - Use Video

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Product Rating and Booking can be done through the docuPAD® system, F&I Menus, or ERA-IGNITE F&I/Desking.

First, we’ll go through docuPAD. Click on “FIN Functions/Attach docuPAD Menu” and select the menu you wish to use. In this case, we’ll rate a service contract.

Click the “Select Coverage” link, which will open the “Extended Service Contract” editor screen. You can see it’s populated by the defaults you already set up when you created the menu, but now you will see a “Get Pricing” button.

Click this to go to the “Product Rating and Request” screen. Here you’ll see all the information required to make an accurate and relevant rating based on the vehicle, including VIN, mileage, new or used, year, make, model, and in-service and deal dates.

You can see you’re rating a service contract, and by clicking this drop-down, you can select the provider you wish to rate.

Click “Get Pricing” and then select any surcharges that pertain to the deal. Click “Okay”. Now a rating request is being sent to the provider, and relevant plans are sent back. You can expand the plans by clicking the plus sign next to each plan. You can click through and see how the pricing changes for each of the products.

Once you have selected a product, choose a deductible, if applicable. In the Surcharge table, you can see any applicable surcharges. 

To see a breakdown of what makes up that total, click on the lock icon. If you want to share the screen with a customer, just make sure the lock is clicked so all they’ll see is the total price.

Click “Save Product” and you’ll see the warranty editor screen has been updated. The Rated Check Box indicates pricing has been obtained through the rating and booking functionality.

Click “Save to all options” to close this screen and you can see that the menu is updated with the rating obtained through the provider. When all products are ready, select “Ready for docuPAD.”

During the menu presentation on the docuPAD workstation, products can be re-rated on the fly if a change needs to be made due to sales negotiations. This allows you to change the selected products or plans without returning the deal to the Desking screen.

Tap the “Edit” button for the product to be re-rated, then select “Get Product Rating.” Select your provider and product, then tap “Get Pricing.”

Tap the dropdowns to select “Product and Coverage,” select “Save,” then “Save to All Packages” to write the rating back to the docuPAD menu. Continue with the docuPAD process as normal.

If you’re not a docuPAD subscriber, you can also rate through ERA-IGNITE/Desking. Click on the icon next to the item you want to rate. In this case, we’ll do a GAP Premium.

Once again, you see the “Get Product Pricing” button. Click on it to get to the “Rating Request Screen.” One GAP product has already been registered so that’s the only one in the drop-down. Select it and click “Get Pricing.”

No surcharges appear so click “Okay” to send the rating request to the provider. Click on the plus sign next to the product. The total price is $795. The cost is $50 and the dealer profit is $745 based on the markup we set in the Pricing Controls screen. Click “Save Product.”

Back at our Retail Worksheet screen, you can see the GAP Premium of $795 has been added to the deal. Again, you can see the deal has been updated and all the calculations have been done for you.

The next step is to book the contracts and print the forms. To do this, click on “Print F&I Forms,” just like you’re printing F&I forms from your system. Dealers who use docuPAD can present and sign the forms on the workstation. Otherwise, the forms will be printed out and signed like any other form.

At the bottom of the F&I Forms screen, you will see a new Aftermarket Product Booking and Reprint section. Here you can see the products that have been rated. Select the one you wish to book and click “Book Contract.” Click “Yes” to update the deal record.

Now you will see the contract has been booked. A completed contract in PDF form will appear shortly. Notice the contract number at the top of the form, as well as the completed customer and vehicle information.

If there is any missing information the provider requires to properly contract a particular product, a screen will pop up asking for the information. Supply the missing information and then click “Okay” or F12. The contract booking request is then sent to the provider.

The number of copies is provider-dependent. Once you’ve received the form, you will print and have the customer sign, then follow the remittance process you currently use with that particular provider.

Close the PDF and you’ll see the contract number is populated, and the status is now “Booked.” Follow the same process for any and all contracts you wish to book.

Reviewing the contract we just booked, you can see that the “Book Contract” button has changed to “Reprint Contract.” If you need to reprint the contract for any reason, just come back to this screen and simply click the “Reprint” button.

To process the contracts on docuPAD, the process is largely the same. When selecting a contract to book, dealers who have processed the deal on docuPAD will have the ability to select “Sign on docuPAD” checkbox.

Once that is done, the booked contact will appear on the docuPAD workstation along with all of the other forms for signing and printing. This assures a seamless and consistent user experience for the dealer and the consumer.

This information stays with the deal for as long as the deal remains in the system. If for any reason you need to void a contract, go to “Display”, then, “VSC Rating and Products.”

Once again you’ll see the products that were rated and booked. You can reprint from this screen, or you can send a void request.

By clicking “Void Contract,” a void request is sent to the provider. You’ll see the contract number has been removed and the contract has been voided in the system.

It’s very important to contact your provider or Reynolds Support for specific guidelines as some providers require additional steps to be taken to properly void contracts.

Visit for more information, including a list of participating providers. If yours isn’t listed, direct your agent to