Product Rating and Booking - Set Up Video

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It’s simple and straightforward to set up and use the product rating and booking features that are part of your Reynolds Retail Management System. This enhancement allows you to electronically rate aftermarket products and service contracts in real time, as well as book contracts electronically at the point of sale.

First, you must set the proper security access for employees in the security maintenance application.

To start, click on “F&I/Desking” to expand the selections.

Then click “Screen Access” and ensure that “VSC Rating and Product Display” is checked.

Then go to the “Actions” menu and check the “PRB Book/Void Contracts” box and the “PRB: Get Pricing” box.

Next, open “After Sales” fields and click “VSC Original Rating Cost” control.

Close F&I/Desking and scroll down to “Finance and Insurance” specs, then click on “VSC Ratings and Products Screen Access.” Here you’ll see three permissions: Additional Controls, Dealer and Product Registration, and Pricing Controls.

Keep in mind “Additional Controls” allows the user to assign preferred products per product type as well as other preferences. “Dealer and Product Registration” allows that user to register on the network as well as register providers. “Pricing Controls” allows the user to control pricing and profit margins at the dealership level based on the cost returned by the provider. These are high-level access screens usually given to managers.

Once you’ve made these changes, close the security access screen. Hit F12 or the floppy disk icon to save changes.

Next, you need to register your F&I products. Starting on the F&I home page, go to “System Tools”, then “Specs”. Click on “Functions” then “VSC Rating and Products”, then “Dealer and Product Registration.”

At the top is where you register on the network. Click “Register” to the right of your dealership name. This will send a call out to the network and you’ll be assigned a unique dealer ID number. That’s all it takes to register your dealership on the network!

At the bottom of the screen, choose your dealership from the “Dealer Select” drop-down box.

Click on “Register New Product” to open the provider selection window where you can select providers to register.

You’ll see a list of all providers that are currently available on the network. Choose the ones you have a relationship with. Click on the blue button next to the provider and you’ll see the products available.

In the Provider Dealer ID box, enter the dealer-specific ID that was given to you by your provider, and then click on “Register” or F12. You must have an agreement with a provider in order to have this code. If you do not know what your dealer code is, you will need to contact your provider or provider agent. 

Once registration is complete, you will get a pop-up message notifying you that registration has been completed. Click “Ok”. In the status column, it is listed as complete.

Repeat this process for each provider and products you wish to register.  Once you are finished click on the “Close” button.  Now you need to choose the product type; in this case, it’s an “ESC/maintenance policy.” Once you are finished choosing the product type for each newly registered product, click “Update” or F12. 

To view and manage dealer-specific pricing controls, click the “Page Down” button from the “Dealer and Product Registration” screen. Here you can see three tabs at the top: Aftermarket, ESC/Maintenance, and GAP. These are the categories for which you can control pricing.

On the “ESC/Maintenance” tab, you have the option to pack the cost by a percentage or dollar amount. For retail price, you can set it as the cost return plus a percentage or a dollar amount. In this case, we’ll set our ESC/Maintenance products to a 50 percent markup on costs returned by the providers. You are also able to set a markup on surcharges. Once you’ve made the pricing control changes, click “Update” or F12.

To view and manage dealer-specific additional controls, click the “Page Down” button from the “Pricing Controls” screen. Here you are able to select the preferred provider you want to be the default in the “Rating Request” screen.  Since we just registered a VSC we will set this product to be the preferred ESC 1 provider. 

In the bottom left corner, you’ll notice F&I Menus overrides markup rules. Check the box if you have any rules in your menu that limit the amount of markup your dealership has for products that you’d like to override with this functionality.

For instance, if your limit is $200 but you set your markup here to $500, you’ll want to ensure this box is checked so this functionality overwrites the Menus pricing functionality. 

Finally, you have the unbooked Aftermarket products. If you go to “Spot Deliver” or “Close a Deal”, and you have any products that aren’t booked, you can set the system to alert you with No Message, a Warning Message, or an Error Message. We recommend using the Warning Message so users will be alerted to any unbooked products that need attention.

Once you’ve made the additional control changes, click “Update” or F12 and close the “Additional Controls” screen.

Visit for more information, including a list of participating providers. If yours isn’t listed, direct your agent to