POWER Testimonials

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Sandy Austell is the general manager at Lexus of Riverside. 

“The customer experience is very important in this day and age, so we need to really elevate our game and have an amazing experience. The technology we have with Reynolds has really helped us.

“One of the great abilities we have is to be able to look and see that the customers have been in our service department, they bought the car here.

“It’s easier for them to maneuver through the system as opposed to having to go to two to three different places to gather the details they need. It’s all together in one system.

“I don’t even need to be in the store. I can log in, get whatever report I need, see whatever happened the day before, and what’s our average for the month. It just gives me a lot more ability to see what’s happening in the store.

“We don’t really worry about any type of security breaches. I don’t have to worry about customers calling wanting to know how somebody got their data because it's not going to happen with a Reynolds and Reynolds system.”

Randy Yockey is the co-owner and fixed operations manager at Friendly Ford. 

“I think it's given us that opportunity to be the best. It’s given us the opportunity to explain to the customer what you need, and send out reminders, which — trust me — they like. We didn’t go out and start changing people all over the place; we’ve simply taken a new system and we’ve implemented it.

“I don’t care if it’s your finance guy, your fixed operations, your service manager, or your body shop manager, you basically all become one. You can feed off each other.

“I believe — bar none — that it’s the best system out there for our entire organization.”