Parkway Chevrolet docuPAD® System Testimonial

Forbes Durdin is the general manager at Parkway Chevrolet in Houston, Texas.

“Before we had docuPAD, we had a very strong F&I department. For nine or so years, we were always leading our 20 Group and thought that we ran the best of the best. You know, the 1 percent and felt like we didn’t need any extra help, or anything like that.

“The sales guy came into the store and was just saying, ‘You know, we’ve seen an uptick of over $300 a copy,’ and I just said, ‘Show me.’

“We finally implemented docuPAD and — sure enough — we had an impact of over $300 a copy. Numbers don’t lie. docuPAD is paying for my Reynolds system.

“My 20 Group, they’ve always thought, ‘Forbes, how are you doing this?’ And I tell them, ‘Man it’s just docuPAD, just sign up.’ And so far five people in our 20 Group have jumped on the bandwagon and all have seen an increase in PRU [Per Retail Unit].

“One of the things I think that we all forget about is our office staff. They get to pull electronic deal jackets.

“If you don’t think you’re gonna get any benefit with using docuPAD, just give me a call.”

Whitney Babineaux, Finance Director of Parkway Chevrolet, also sees the value in docuPAD.

“The customers have the ‘wow’ factor when they walk in the office. When they sit down and see the screen, they absolutely go nuts because they can’t understand how technology went so far.

“Don’t be afraid of docuPAD, it won’t lose you. It’s here for a reason, to make you more successful and to make you money.

“docuPAD changes their interaction with your funding upstairs. You don’t have to worry about a whole bunch of paperwork. Everything is clean.

“With docuPAD, there’s no smoke and mirrors. Everything is right there for you. It’s Las Vegas, but it’s no card tricks.